Every Day.
Your Way.

Achieve your goals with tailored content and get rewarded.

It's that simple!

Healthy micro habits to make every day a little better.

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Every day.

Your way.


Choose your goal

Select your own goals. Create your own adventure. Whether it's to get energised to keep going, to feel focused for deep work or to simply chill with some hyper casual mini games - you'll get all that and more on Omne.


Choose your content

Select from an amazing range of content tailored to your specific needs. With Omne, you get activities and content for life, in one place. Music, Games, Podcasts, Entertainment and so much more.


Get rewarded

Earn points and rewards for achieving your goals to make everyday a little better. Unlock new features, enjoy vouchers and deals and special event invites.

Easy to start. Easy to stick.

This includes a whole new way to manage your protection.

Celebrate the entire you

Activity and content for life, in a single place.
Health, games, entertainment and everything in between.

Feel understood. Feel celebrated.

Manage your protection in style

Connect your existing FWD account to seamlessly manage your insurance policies and submit your claims in 3 simple steps.

Connect to FWD

Easily link to your existing FWD account.

Submit claims

3 simple steps and you're done! Submitting claims has never been easier.

Manage policy(s)

Reimagine how you manage your insurance. Easily track and manage your policies, all in one place.

Own what's next

Your success is a result of your daily habits. Own your next second, minute, hour, day and more.



Choose your own adventure



Find activities tailored to your goal



Immersive journeys for everyone



Immersive journeys for everyone



Immersive journeys for everyone

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